My Super VA 

Providing a reliable and efficient Virtual Assistant Service for small business owners since 2001.    I cover a wide range of VA services and specialise in producing high quality PowerPoint Presentations and Email Marketing Campaigns.

Why Hire Me?

With many years of experience using PowerPoint, I can create a professional and unique looking presentation for you. And with an extremely quick turnaround time.

The quality of the presentation I can create for you is more likely to attract the attention of potential customers. If your presentation is memorable, you are more likely to encourage new business.

With a range of other services available, I can help you with audio transcription, Word documents, email marketing campaigns, setting up/amending Blog posts in WordPress and setting up/re-branding Facebook Groups and Pages. Please see my Services Page for more details.

Manage your time more efficiently by delegating your ever growing administration jobs to me while you get on with building your business.

Be confident in the knowledge that you are only paying me for the time I work per job rather than paying a full-time salary.

You don’t need to spend time recruiting and training an assistant, or finding extra office space for one. I am already trained, have my own office and am ready to go!


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